Here is a list of missionaries supported by the Door of Hope Community Church:

Commission To Every Nation (CTEN)

Roy & Marilyn Keys (Retired)
Burkina Faso, West Africa
Roy and Marilyn are in Burkina Faso, West Africa, working with the people there in the areas of nutrition and forestry. Helping the people to know what crops they can grow and then how they can use those crops to feed themselves and their immediate village.

Commission To Every Nation(CTEN)

Randall, Jackie, Caleb, Jenna Darby
APDO 02, Periferico, Guatemala, C.A. 01011
Working in Guatemala, Central America, supporting the existing churches there, reaching people for Christ through personal and church driven evangelism/teaching opportunities.

Hartford Rescue Mission

Rev. Gregory, Lenora, Hannah, Greg, Jr., Rachel Woods
P.O. Box 1628, Hartford, CT 06144-1628
Based in Hartford, reaching out to the homeless, through the sharing of a daily meal and God’s Word, HRM brings a witness of the love of Christ and His ability to bring change into our lives.

Middle East Christian Outreach

Perry, Karen, Christopher, Phoebe Shaw
NEST, PO Box 13-5780, Chouran, Beirut, Lebanon
Perry, teaches in the Near East Seminary, also writes educational curriculum and serves in a pastoral role through the local church. Karen supports their ministry through personal outreach opportunities as well as leading a weekly Bible class for the women in her community.