The ACTS II Ministry Team creates and promotes a biblically functioning community where no one stands alone, helping people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. By connecting everyone, we foster authentic relationships where Truth meets life and where people are known, loved, served, and celebrated in their pursuit of full devotion to Jesus Christ.

What is a Biblically Functioning Community?

A place where the Word of God is communicated in an irresistibly compelling way.

A place where people get together informally in small groups, meeting in homes, taking their meals together and talking about real-life issues—and where life-change happens.

A community in which prayer unleashes the prevailing power of God.

A community which is distinct and counter-cultural in which affluent members say, “Enough is enough!” and begin to funnel their excess resources back into the local fellowship for distribution to the needy.

A place where church members display so much love and integrity that good rumors begin to circulate among the lost, and when un-churched people come to see what’s going on, they find Christ.

A place where there’s a sense of the miraculous, where what’s happening can’t be explained in human terms.

What is a L.I.F.E. Group?
L . . . ife changing
I . . . nclusive
F . . . aith building
E . . . nvironment

The delivery system for all the care God has for you.

It is a safe place where relationships can grow in a respectful and social environment. All members care for one another as they share life, build faith, and grow spiritually in a biblically focused environment.

For each group, there are leaders that passionately shepherd their group members in their relationship with Christ as they meet regularly.